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APIC-IST Publication List


- Papers Published on KSII TIIS(SCIE) SI from Previous Conferences

A list of papers recommended from APIC-IST 2017 (Published on April 30, 2018 Volume 12, Issue 4 & February 28, 2018 Volume 12, Issue 2)

  • A Survey of the Transmission-Power-Control Schemes in Wireless Body-Sensor Networks
  • Korean Traditional Music Genre Classification Using Sample and MIDI Phrases
  • A study on Classification of Insider threat using Markov Chain Model
  • Development and Performance Evaluation of a Concurrency Control Technique in Object-Oriented Database Systems
  • Auto-configurable Security Mechanism for NFV
  • 2D Human Pose Estimation based on Object Detection using RGB-D information
  • Improving Fault Traceability of Web Application by Utilizing Software Revision Information and Behavior Model
  • Design and Implementation of UAV System for Autonomous Tracking
  • The Diagnosis and Prescription for Cybersecurity in Korea: Focusing on Policy and System
  • Design and Implementation of 8K UHD Encapsulation Method for Efficient Transmission and Reception based on MMT
  • Automatic identification of Java Method Naming Patterns Using Cascade K-Medoids
  • A Study on KSI-based Authentication Management and Communication for Secure Smart Home Environments
  • System Hardening and Security Monitoring for IoT Devices to Mitigate IoT Security Vulnerabilities and Threats
  • Development of Textile Proximity Sensor for Medication Adherence Management System
  • A Hybrid Software Defined Networking Architecture for Next-Generation IoTs
  • Secure Multicast using Proxy Re-Encryption in an IoT Environment
  • Error Correction Technique of Distance Measurement for ToF LIDAR Sensor
  • An Efficient Software Defined Data Transmission Scheme based on Mobile Edge Computing for the Massive IoT Environment
  • Classification of Premature Ventricular Contraction using Error Back-Propagation

A list of papers recommended from APIC-IST 2016 (Published on February 28, 2017 Volume 11, Issue 2)

  • Augmented-Reality Survey: from Concept to Application
  • An App Visualization design based on IoT Self-diagnosis Micro Control Unit for car accident prevention
  • Realistic Visual Simulation of Water Effects in Response to Human Motion using a Depth Camera
  • The Influence of personality traits on the Facebook Addiction
  • A Machine-Learning Based Approach for Extracting Logical Structure of a Styled Document
  • A context-Aware Smart Home Control System based on ZigBee Sensor Network
  • Design and Implementation of SDN-based 6LBR with QoS Mechanism over Heterogeneous WSN and Internet
  • Design and Implementation of Information Management Tools for the EDISON Open Platform
  • Evaluation of Mobile Application in User's Perspective: Case of P2P Lending Apps in FinTech Industry
  • A Robust Approach for Human Activity Recognition Using 3-D Body Joint Motion Features with Deep Belief Network
  • Thermal Infrared Image Analysis for Breast Cancer Detection
  • A Conceptual Approach for Discovering Proportions of Disjunctive Routing Patterns in a Business Process Model
  • A Location Tracking System using BLE Beacon Exploiting a Double-Gaussian Filter
  • Enhanced Mutual Authentication Scheme based on Chaotic Map for PCM in NFC Service Environment
  • Development and Evaluation of Tip Pinch Strength Measurement on a Paretic hand Rehabilitation Device
  • Towards Enacting a SPEM-based Test Process with Maturity Levels
  • Extracting the Source Code Context to Predict Import Changes using GPES
  • Implementation of Bistatic Backscatter Wireless Communication System Using Ambient Wi-Fi Signals

A list of papers recommended from APIC-IST 2015 (Published on March 31, 2016 Volume 10, Issue 3)

  • The Internet Information and Technology Research Directions based on the Fourth Industrial Revolution
  • Multi-Agent System for Fault Tolerance in Wireless Sensor Networks
  • Enhanced Channel Access Estimation based Adaptive Control of Distributed Cognitive Radio Networks
  • The Sustainability of Korean Management in Global Market: Competitive Strategy and Performance in Korean ICT Industry
  • Goal-driven Optimization Strategy for Energy and Performance-Aware Data Centers for Cloud-Based Wind Farm CMS
  • Robust Target Model Update for Mean-shift Tracking with Background Weighted Histogram
  • A Local Feature-Based Robust Approach for Facial Expression Recognition from Depth Video
  • Content-based Configuration Management System for Software Research and Development Document Artifacts
  • An Adaptive Buffering Method for Practical HTTP Live Streaming on Smart OTT STBs
  • Exploring Gender Differences in Motivations for Using Sina Weibo
  • A Process-Centered Knowledge Model for Analysis of Technology Innovation Procedures
  • An Estimated Closeness Centrality Ranking Algorithm and Its Performance Analysis in Large-Scale Workflow-supported Social Networks
  • A Black Hole Detection Protocol Design based on a Mutual Authentication Scheme on VANET

A list of papers recommended from APIC-IST 2014 (Published on January 31, 2015 Volume 9 Issue 1)

  • Evolving Internet Information & Technology as Enablers for Creating Shared Values
  • An Accelerometer-Assisted Power Management for Wearable Sensor Systems
  • A Distributed Medium Access Control Protocol for Cognitive Radio Ad Hoc Networks
  • A Handover Management Scheme Based on User-Preferences and Network-Centric Approach
  • Triangulation Based Skeletonization and Trajectory Recovery for Handwritten Character Patterns
  • Implementation of Gesture Interface for Projected Surfaces
  • Opinion-Mining Methodology for Social Media Analytics
  • Building a Business Knowledge Base by a Supervised Learning and Rule-Based Method
  • Malware Containment Using Weight based on Incremental PageRank in Dynamic Social Networks
  • When Do People Post a Comment to a News Story on the Internet?*
  • Interaction-based Collaborative Recommendation: A Personalized Learning Environment (PLE) Perspective
  • Syed Mubarak Ali, Imran Ghani, Muhammad Shafie Abd Latiff
  • Breaking the Myths of the IT Productivity Paradox

A list of papers recommended from APIC-IST 2013 (Published on February 27, 2014 Volume 8 Issue 2)

  • Emerging Internet Technology & Service toward Government 3.0
  • The Survival of Paid Broadcasting Channels in Korea, 1993-2010
  • Business Intelligence and Marketing Insights in an Era of Big Data: The Q-sorting Approach
  • Inter-category Map: Building Cognition Network of General Customers through Big Data Mining
  • An Improved Joint Detection of Frame, Integer Frequency Offset, and Spectral Inversion for Digital Radio Mondiale Plus
  • A Minimum Energy Consuming Mobile Device Relay Scheme for Reliable QoS Support
  • Development of Indicators for Information Security Level Assessment of VoIP Service Providers
  • Integrating Software Security into Agile-Scrum Method
  • A Wind Turbine Fault Detection Approach Based on Cluster Analysis and Frequent Pattern Mining
  • A Design of Architecture for Federating between NRNs and Determination Optimal Path
  • Modeling, Discovering, and Visualizing Workflow Performer-Role Affiliation Networking Knowledge
  • Intelligent u-Learning and Research Environment for Computational Science on Mobile Device
  • A Design of Matching Engine for a Practical Query-by-Singing /Humming System with Polyphonic Recordings


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